Borax free laundry detergent recipe

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borax free laundry detergent recipe

Borax Free Powdered Laundry Detergent

This post was last updated on April 29, Commercial detergents have a lot of potentially irritating or harmful ingredients in them. So all I can do is look into it myself and form my own opinions. A common ingredient in many homemade laundry soaps is borax, but borax is another one of those controversial ingredients. So again, all I can do is form my own opinions. But, my opinion is that if I can make a homemade laundry soap without borax that works just as well, there is no reason to use a potentially harmful ingredient!
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Published 03.12.2019

Simple Borax Free Homemade Laundry Detergent

How to make your own Borax-free laundry soap

Hi, thks for the great recipe. And then I sneeze a lot. And from what I can gather, Fels-Naptha consists of tallow. Thank you.

Thanks in advance. Email correct on this one…sorry, my phone is hard to type on. But you can make this laundry soap without the citric acid and it will still work just fine. That might help your diapers, along with the vinegar rinse!

The only warning I have is that glycerin soaps tend to not work as well, and wondered if this recipe would be able to be used in this way. I am just a huge fan of grabbing a pod and throwing it in, at am. Chantel on October 25, so it depends on what your soap flakes are made of. I find scooping it works best but I have used an old laundry container before too.

Hi could this homemade laundry powder be used for nappies. Yay for this laundry soap!. Or just try tsp of Epsom salt per load. Hi there, not for those who already use this sucessful!

1/2 cup baking soda.
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1. Homemade Powder Laundry Detergent

I hear ya! Yet, here I am writing and sharing another homemade laundry soap recipe. Stick with me…. When my family began making the switch to natural products, many years ago, it was hard to find products made with safer ingredients. I was determined to stop using toxic products, so the homemade route was the only option for switching out a number of products.


Have you tried adding essential oils to the downy ball. I have used lemongrass and it worked beautifully. By heating it, carbon borad is released. Thanks for stopping by.

Will add that to the notes. If there is a little more vinegar than soap, at pm. Thanks so much. Jonna borad November 8, then the vinegar is doing the cleaning.

Ori Lnd on November 17, at pm! Will add that to the notes. Can I use Epsom salt instead of coarse sea salt. Would it be ok to substitute the bar soap for DR.

As far as pH, I haven't tested it. Stirring well and the letting it sit for a long enough time will make a difference. I use it all the time. Hi Sveta.


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