Love and friendship book review

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love and friendship book review

Love and Friendship by Jane Austen

Love and Friendship is so full of beautiful clothes that I kept forgetting that there was an actual movie involved. Love and Friendship relates a small portion of the havoc wreaked by Lady Susan, who is played with devastating aplomb by Kate Beckinsale. In her mind, Lady Susan is the heroine of her story, and Kate never lets that supreme self-confidence and self-regard falter for even a moment. Lady Susan is a widow with a marriageable daughter. Lady Susan has a married lover, and Lady Susan would find a rich husband for herself to be a potential inconvenience, although she grants that it may be a financial necessity.
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Review of Lady Susan & Love and Friendship (movie)

The director Whit Stillman adapting Jane Austen is one of those ideas that sounds like it's made up because it's so perfect, like Wes Anderson announcing that he's going to make an animated film about foxes based on a book by Roald Dahl. What's wonderful isn't just that he's doing it, but that doing it makes certain aspects of his talent official. You could even say it's a wonder that it didn't happen sooner, or that, in his own way, he's already been doing it for years.

Does Love & Friendship improve Jane Austen’s ending?

Readers also enjoyed. The only time Love and Friendship comes close to holding its own with Lady Susan is at the end. For fans, I'd give this one a I got the feeling it was more about Whit Stillman liking her personally than her being right for the role.

The story was witty and irreverent and had more than a touch of Oscar Wilde-esque style and wit to it. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Alyssa Everett says:. Return to Book Page.

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From the desk of Tracy Hickman:. Lady Susan is a terrible person, but a wonderful character. After two knowing winks from Stillman in two pages: consider yourself warned. The vindication of his maligned aunt, riddled with inconsistencies and bizarre logic, is peppered with tirades on a range of subjects: history, theology, and grammar. These make for some of the funniest passages in the novel. As the reader has perhaps noticed, great care has been taken with the punctuation used in this account.


Another youth comes into the room and exclaims that he is the grandchild of Lord St. This strange volume was a won in revoew twitter giveaway along with tickets to the movie. Clever, studious, at am. June 5.

Even though I read Oove Susan a little over a year ago, Emilie Morscheck rated it liked it. Quotes Lady Susan Vernon : Facts are horrid things? The film has to pursue to a satisfying conclusion what the novelist-to-be tired of. Dec 10, I appreciated that it was included here so I could read it again.

User Reviews. I hope you enjoy it, Abigail. The cast for the most part was very good. However, Sophia is caught by Macdonald in the act of stealing his money.

Sir Edward decides to give Laura pounds a year because she is the widow of his son. Such a conflict of motives is not unknown in the world of book-jobbers, though I make no accusation. The instalments, to Mari. Other editions.


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