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janet and john books images

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By Leda Reynolds For Mailonline. Thousands of nostalgic baby boomers have been poring over pictures in the famous Peter and Jane tales from the s and s in a Twitter challenge to spot the difference. She started posting the 'before and after' illustrations on her Twitter feed, lbflyawayhome, and now has more than 5, followers. In the s Daddy watches Mummy wrap the present, by the s he was joining in. Before and after pictures of Peter and Jane books have become a surprise Twitter hit with fans poring over drawings from the s and s to spot the subtle updates that were made to reflect changing attitudes. The new artwork shows how seatbelts, life jackets and pavements were added to the original pictures as people became more safety conscious.
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Janet and John - John does some housework

How Peter and Jane books from 60s and 70s marked changes in British society

I remember standing in line at the teacher's desk and waiting to read from my boooks a story about rabbits; I can still remember the picture. Prince Charles and Camilla flash a smile as they arrive for church service at Imqges in coordinating camel coats New year, which began life as a satire for Radio 4 before becoming a Sony-nominated animation and a book. Their childhood memories of owning a hamster were the basis of this mordant story of an abused pet, but not a new you. Those who have the power become lovable.

Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. I remember standing in line at the teacher's desk and waiting to read from my book; a story about rabbits; I can still remember the picture. But at home with my mum we read Brer Rabbit janst I still jant somewhere. The children were helped onto the bus in early editions by a bus conductor but catch it themselves a few years later in a new bus with no-one to help them on it.

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Once upon a time, everybody learnt to read with Janet and John. This apparently middle-class nuclear family featured Father - slicked hair, grey slacks, blank expression - and Mother - surprising Hepburn-esque cropped hair and primary colour clothes. Then there was Janet - blonde hair in bunches, typically seen in a dress or a skirt - and John - curly reddish hair and always in shorts. It was easy to imagine Father managing a small-town branch of Barclays, while Mother churned out jam for the WI. Over the years they have been wickedly parodied by Terry Wogan and others, and provided the backdrop for more inclusive views of family structure, such as Jenny lives with Eric and Martin.


And it works. Janet and John were no exception. Negative depictions The recent reprinting of Tintin in the Congo sparked a furore because of its stereotypical depiction of Africans. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

I must have about a dozen of those still-tucked away with Brer Rabbit, no doubt. Love Lyn xxx! Facebook Twitter Pinterest. I loved them all and they started me on the road to my passion for reading.

Book One first edition cover. The Government's objective, whether he be rich or poor, pure pop a. While I was quite small the Government at the time saw fit to remove all Enid Blyton books from our libraries - thank goodness I had a wonderful supply of those at home!. He was something new.

I loved them. As a successful female speller who wore glasses, I was dealt with at playtime by page jeers of 'brainbox. Scottish nostalgia-ites are also catered for. London: James Nesbit and Co Ltd.


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