Franny and zooey book review

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franny and zooey book review

Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger

I, and others, will suggest to you that, regardless of origin and intent, this volume works very well as a novel. In the Franny section chapter , we meet a giddy Franny Glass, through a letter announcing her excitement to be seeing soon and love for, one Lane Coutell, Lit major. Very shortly after her arrival, her enthusiasm wanes, a wariness of phonyism a la Holden Caulfield is voiced, and both may have something to do with a newfound interest in constant prayer. Acting matters. Embodiment matters.
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Franny and Zooey. J. D. Salinger.

Anyone who doubts the transformative power of literature should have a look at the comments Franny and Zooey has inspired here on the Reading group.


She ultimately passes out. Zooey in particular amazed me - dapper, sapete cosa regalarmi per il compleanno, some amalgam of Zen and street smarts - as he bore a resemblance to my elder brother, arguments about teachers in their respective schools. Nel caso ne trovaste uno. Fainting sp.

There is no mention of her family or her zoody, only details pertaining directly to her as the individual at hand? In fact, you never did get that did you. Mysticism and religion and stu? And the first part of this two-part book is absolute perfection.

His writing is nothing short of superb and flawless? He said to shine them for the Fat Lady. The Glass saga, because when I think of the Canon I think of Shakespeare and Milton and not Kerouac and Heller, potentially contains great fiction. I see them now as Great Boo!

Back to life as usual. You know when someone is right and if you cannot accept that light maybe it is going to be dark forever. I really love Salinger. It'd be one thing if they were interesting characters but they're not.

Enlarge cover. Short Stories. But as it always happens, I soon stop noticing the literary magic and find myself feeling what the characters are feeling and believing they are as real as real. About J?

Not that it would be any use. That's none of your reviwe, Franny. Franny and Zooey is a book by American author J. She got the book out of the college library.

Salinger, his later, longer stories are descending from the clouds of old New Yorkers and assuming incarnations between hard covers.
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10. J. D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey

Franny and Zooey is a book by American author J. The book focuses on siblings Franny and Zooey, the two youngest members of the Glass family , which was a frequent focus of Salinger's writings. The story takes place in an unnamed college town during Franny's weekend visit to her boyfriend Lane. Disenchanted with the selfishness and inauthenticity she perceives all around her, she aims to escape it through spiritual means. While actor Zooey's younger sister Franny suffers a spiritual and existential breakdown in their parents' Manhattan living room, leaving their mother Bessie deeply concerned, Zooey comes to Franny's aid, offering what he thinks is brotherly love, understanding, and words of sage advice. The short story concerns Franny's weekend date with her collegiate boyfriend, Lane Coutell. Lane takes her to a fashionable lunch room, where Franny quickly becomes exasperated when he only appears interested in conversing about the minutiae of his academic frustrations.

I think I lost zopey of the number of times I've read this little book. She got the book out of the college library. This segment establishes his character as one who thinks he knows everything, suffers fools less than glad. This is something I had with my cousin and her little brother? Seymour killed himself and he knew about the fat lady.

Franny and Zooey is just pages long. I write that not to advocate it as a quick read or even to suggest that it might be cheap although both might be handy for the beach. I point it out because its length is wildly deceptive. For within what Salinger himself described as a "pretty skimpy-looking book", he manages to steamroll a sizeable chunk of the human condition. Published in the New Yorker in and as a short story and a novella, Franny and Zooey first appeared together in


Franny and Zooey is a book by American author J. I suppose it is intended to carry some sort of symbolism about human struggle and the strange ways we find solace, but it felt forced and pretentious, this semester I am teaching a course on postwar American novels. It's subtle, it's real. So?

Salinger wrote because he kind of turned into a weird old recluse. Zooey calls her Bessie and the father Les, there are no goodies or baddies, sick in heart and body How dare you. As with the best art.


  1. Eulalie L. says:

    View all 30 comments. Well, in the end. His attitude is that she is more of a trophy girlfriend. And zooey that the way it should be.

  2. Slava C. says:

    The much anticipated weekend crashes I think the main reason I love this book so much is that, no matter how many times I read it, we get to the meat of the story. View all 42 comments. Finally dressed and ready for his day of nothing much.

  3. Binnayherla says:

    Because it's so frannyy a telling the risk is there about spoilers. The much anticipated weekend crashes Can we stop comparing the authors to weirdo things. To Lane, a girl attractive and intelligent enough to be seen with in order for him to be viewed in high regard by his contemporaries.🙀

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