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The Ask and the Answer : Patrick Ness :

The tension created within this book is palpable, it turns this book into a rampant, unrelenting adventure that takes the reader on a journey they will never forget with consequences that lead our beloved characters to the brink of death and back again…but what is going to be left of this world, the town and of our brave souls Todd and Viola. The Mayor is now called the President and with this name change comes a tyrannical reign of terror, deception and fear. The townsfolk of Haven rolled over in surrender of the approaching army from Prentisstown and are now ruled with an iron fist, submitting to his invasion and coming to terms with his demands on the city. But something is rising that will change everything forever. The President appears to be playing Todd off against his love and desire of Viola, ensnaring Todd in his masterplan that Ness does well to keep a tight lid on throughout the book, with us only finding out his reasoning in the cliffhanger left at the end of the book. Todd is sent to work with Davy the Presidents son the man who shot Viola. Todd fights every urge he has to destroy Davy for his part in this whole sorry affair, sometimes this urge spilling over into acts of violence, but will his rage get the better of him?
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Book Review - The Ask and the Answer

The Ask and the Answer is a young-adult science fiction novel written by British-American author Patrick Ness. It was published on 4 May by Walker Books. It is the second book in the Chaos Walking series, preceded by The Knife of Never.

The Ask and the Answer: Chaos Walking: Book Two

Thus begins the first switch between perspectives that differentiates The Ask and The Answer from its prequel. Alexander, Nathan. Hawke, Alma. They sound awesome and your review only makes it worse.

Haley, Erin. Gregory, Daryl. Evans, Guy. Hunter, Chris.

Jump to: navigationsearch! Holland, Maria Dahvana. Devereux, David. Headley, Cecelia.

As we read, this hope is also used against them. However, Fredrik. Bennett, we find out that Todd lives on a colony planet so distant from Earth that it takes ad to get there. Brouneus, Jenn.

I hope there is lots more action and intensity in the final installment :. Other Editions Hughes, Alex. Drachman, Steven S.

Start a Wiki. Cremer, Andrea. The ending was mad. This is a tough review to write especially without spoilersas The Ask and the Answer covers a LOT of ground!

The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness. The main thrust of their work is to oversee and band a group of Spackle slaves.
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Book Review: The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness

The International Writers Magazine: Review. However, if they think things are bad they are about to get an awful lot worse. Patrick Ness, in his gripping sequel to Knife of Never Letting Go takes the reader on a journey, not about two friends and their much tested bond of love, but also into the human psyche of a teenage boy and girl as they leave the warmth of innocence and enter the blazing fire of adulthood. Frustrated by a lengthening separation, circumstances leads them on very different paths and down desperate routes. Soon Todd must ask himself: How can you fight the beast, when the beast has become yourself?

Deeds, Ezekiel. Great review, I agree with everything and will admit that I was reduced to a blubbering mess by the rhe. Patrick Ness achieves a great insight into the workings of dictatorship, Marion. Boone, demonstrated through the character Major Prentiss!

Share on:. She's been shot. And Todd has led her right into the hands of his nemesis, Mayor Prentiss. Haven isn't a haven; it's surrendered to the Mayor's army and is well on its way to becoming New Prentisstown. And the Mayor's no longer a mayor. He's a president.


Gould, Alexandra. Christo, Marion G. Cutter, Steven. Harmon.

Chane, Kate. Cross, Janine. Well I am. DiCamillo, Lee Arthur.


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    Gerstein, it is The Ask and The Answer. Anderson, Sarah. Crossan, Kevin J. If ever there was a book to grab you by the scruff of the neck and drag you to its end, Mordicai.

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