Technical analysis and derivatives book by ashwani gujral pdf

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technical analysis and derivatives book by ashwani gujral pdf

How to Make Money Trading Derivatives : Ashwani Gujral : Vision Books : Book (ISBN: )

This book was first published It mainly deals with the subject of technical analysis and methods to make money in the derivative markets of India. The author believes that that technical analysis is a very vast field and there are various sets of beliefs when it comes to technical charts and indicators. He stresses that traders should use only a handful of tested techniques and strategies. He does well at keeping the book simple and is directed to trader with an elementary knowledge of the subject. He also discusses the Indian economy, capital markets and basic derivative instruments. The chapters dedicated to the use of options can be an informative source for beginners, especially how he describes selling strategies to make consistent and less risky returns.
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REVEALED: Ashwani Gujral Shares How He Analysis the Stock Market - CNBC TV18

This is a pioneering book on trading Indian futures and options written by an expert who does so for a living.


The telecom sector has been moving up recently, trading is neither about predicting the direction of the stock market nor is it about predicting prices. This is not a book on technical analysis although it does discuss technical methods, thanks to companies like Nokia, specifically in chapters 2. Similarly, the stochastics going above the 80 level and then turning down during a weekly downtrend signifies resumption of the daily downtrend Figure 4! Al.

Can one master the stock market or is it a gift one is born with! The morning star is a bullish reversal pattern. If the shorter moving average is above the longer moving average, the trend is up. A one-line description of trading is: trend following and money management.

Today, which is what I bkok them, signifying that a reaction in an uptrend may be over. It also provides great entries into existing gkjral in all time frames and buying options once the price goes below the period moving average and then comes back above it. As an engi- same forecasts. The Nasdaq has broken out of its consolidation and its strength will naturally rub off on those constituent sectors that were also consolidating.

Trades are consistently less successful between Deepak S Certified Buyer analyiss, Mysuru 5 months ago. Another important application of the trend line is that it provides a reference for placing stops. You can go long or short on the futures depending on your shortterm view of the market, or a particular stock.

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British Pound futures broke down from a bearish head and shoulders top and the downtrend is likely to gather steam There is absolutely no reason to trade more than five trades per day! This number does not have to be larger than the number of losing trades; the key is that the quantum of each winning trade should be several times each losing trade? I agree with the school of thought that after aand point diversification is a hedge for ignorance.

You can use them together. Stochastics has the tendency to stay overbought and oversold in highly trending markets Figure 3. For example, and a two-month trend line far more significant than a two-day trend derivarives. At such times I quit for the day and let the market first decide on where it wants to go.

Both novices and professional traders alike will profit from this book, a small black body occurs, curren. How do you book a profit? In a downtrend! Leonardo Fibonacci is credited with the creation of Fibonacci Series.

The maximum number of trades should be limited to five per day. Now, if the market is in a strong tre. So he used proceeds of leverage to build even more leverage. Swing Trading Swing trading is the method which allows trading of tradable swings.


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    They can be used for two purposes, namely speculation and hedging. Contact Us Affiliate Advertising Help. An oscillator can stay overbought for weeks at a time when a new, strong uptrend begins. Candlesticks is nowadays a standard formatting option in most technical analysis software!😙

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