2019 nfhs track and field rule book

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2019 nfhs track and field rule book

Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association : Track Officials Information

In all cases, the final decision rests with the meet referee, who has the sole authority to rule on infractions, irregularities and disqualifications in a meet. Changes to Rules and expand the exchange zone in relays with legs of meters or less from 20 to 30 meters. All exchange zones for races with legs longer than meters will remain at 20 meters. Existing acceleration zone markings, such as triangles, squares or colored tape, placed at that location may be used to denote the beginning of the exchange zones on a track. Rule has been amended to prohibit athletes from running backwards or in the opposite direction non-legal direction during warm-ups on horizontal jumps, pole vault and javelin runways. Two changes to Rule 6 provide equivalent metric increments for tiebreaking jump-offs in vertical jumps, as well as clarify distance requirements for long jump and triple jump pits. For long jump and triple jump pits constructed after , the length of the pit shall be at least 23 feet seven meters.
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2019 NFHS BASEBALL Rules Clinic

Track & Field/Cross Country

Team points are awarded to place winners according to the orderin which competitors finish a given event. The games committee may consist of: a. NOTE: The games committee has the authority to restrict the use of adherents or other foreign materials on hands if the host school is supplying all the throwing implements. Use the following table to convert yard times nvhs English measurement distances to their equivalent times at metric distances.

Interference with another competitor. Itshall be 4 feet 1. French or high-cut apparel shall not be worn in lieu of the uniform bot- tom. PENALTY: A competitor who participates in more events than allowed by fielv forfeit all individual places and points and shall be disqualified from fur-ther competition in that meet.

Video replay or television monitoring equipment, construct the second sector line, shall not be used to make decisions related to the meet. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. See Rule e ART. From the center of the discus circlethrough this point.

It has the authority to establish reasonable deadlines forreceipt of entries in large meets. The race is not started in lanes waterfall start or; b. Signposts with large directional arrows wherever the course turns, or flags about 1-foot square and mounted on stakes which hold them hrack feet or more above the ground shall be used. Proper procedure dictates that judges concentrate on the competi-tors until they are all within 10 meters of the finish line.

Apr 9, - Publisher's Note: The National Federation of State High School Associations is the only source of official high school interpretations. They do.
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Track and Field Rules Interpretations - 2019

Runs around a hurdle? When preliminary flights or heats are required for qualifying, theevents should be held in the same order. It has the authority to establish reasonable deadlines forreceipt of entries in large meets. The passing of the baton commences whenthe baton is first trakc by the outgoing runner and is completed when thebaton is solely in the possession of the outgoing runner.

Please choose to continue if you are still working? Any competitor shall not deliberately run on or inside the track curb or painted lineand thereby gain an advantage by improving position bpok short-ening the course. Method of exchanging the baton in relays not run in lanes. Declination from the throwing area to the landing area shall notexceed 1 percent.

We think you have liked this presentation. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Thank you! Published by Modified 11 months ago. The box in Diagram B Figure 4 shall be constructed so that the sides slope outward at the end nearest the landing pit.

Click here to access the Pre-Meet Notes. Any competitorwho does not complete all preliminary attempts within the time specified shallforfeit any remaining preliminary trials. The alert should be visi- ble. Then a conversion factor of. Wind-gauge readings also should be recorded when applicable.

High school coaches, officials and administrators who have knowledge and experience regarding this particular sport and age group volunteer their time to serve on the rules committee. Member associations of the NFHS independently make decisions regarding compliance with or modification of these playing rules for the student-athletes in their respective states. NFHS rules are used by education-based and non-education-based organizations serving children of varying skill levels who are of high school age and younger. In order to make NFHS rules skill-level and age-level appropriate, the rules may be modified by any orga- nization that chooses to use them. Except as may be specifically noted in this rules book, the NFHS makes no recommendation about the nature or extent of the modifications that may be appropriate for children who are younger or less skilled than high school varsity athletes. Every individual using these rules is responsible for prudent judgment with respect to each contest, athlete and facility, and each athlete is responsible for exercising caution and good sportsmanship. These rules should be interpreted and applied so as to make reasonable accommodations for disabled athletes, coaches and officials.


Read the Text Version? The games committee will continue to have the authority to restrict or permit the wearing of any item outside of the required school uniform. This would include such items as the time schedule, e. The hurdle shall be of such weight and balance that it requires asteady pullover force of not less than the following weights at the specifiedheights as follows: 30 in.

The custodian of awards shall carefully inventory and arrange allawards before the meet starts. Weigh place first b. In order to make NFHS rules skill-level and age-level appropriate, the rules may be modified by any orga- nization that chooses to use them. The finish-line recorder shall record the official order of finish of allqualifiers or place winners from results submitted by the head finish judge andhead timer.


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    New Mexico Athlete Battles Cancer While Continuing to Compete; Track and Field Rules Committee Track and Field & Cross Country Rules Changes -

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    Here is what you need to know. These are not permanent votes. If you feel strongly about a certain issue, contact your committee member to discuss the topic. The hottest topic of the weekend was to remove the 4xm relay prelims at the state finals, so that it would just be ran as a timed final. The vote from the estimated people in attendance was 70 in favor of the timed final to 2 in favor of the prelim and final, according to FACA chair, Dan Dearing. 😤

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