Asi es la vida novela

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asi es la vida novela

Así es la vida actual de Alonso Guerrero, el primer marido de la reina Letizia

The second part of this book deals with those authors aware of Pirandello and his work. Her brief examination of the Machado brothers shows how they have taken Pirandello's investigation into being and seeming and translated it into their own terms. Luca de Tena is shown to raise most Pirandellian problems in his plays, but unlike the Italian he systemically rules in favor of life, his conflicts are lighter, and their resolution is happier. Pedro Salinas, the last author Professor Newberry considers at length, is rarely studied as a playwright, but his plays show the characteristic imprint of Pirandello--fiction and reality are confused, there are problems of identity, he uses the autonomous character. Nonetheless, Salinas's basic view of life is diametrically opposed to Pirandello's, for he is filled with love, joy, optimism, and faith in the possibility of clarifying reality. Finally, the author looks at the Arte Nuevo group, particularly Sastre and Palacio, and she also considers Sotelo, who, like the other two, was influenced not only by Pirandello, but also by Thornton Wilder. Professor Newberry provides a consistently interesting picture of how Spanish literature has always shown great interest in those themes and techniques we have come to call Pirandellian and how it has given them a stamp uniquely its own.
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Así es la vida - Federico sufrió un incidente en el gimnasio

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