Jamie oliver butternut squash and spinach rotolo recipe

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jamie oliver butternut squash and spinach rotolo recipe

Rotolo of spinach, squash & ricotta | Jamie Oliver recipes

Rotolo is a Tuscan dish, involving homemade sheet pasta, greens spinach, stinging nettles, borage , ricotta, parmesan and porcini, all rolled up and baked in tomato sauce, then sliced and served with sage butter. I had never tasted anything like it in my life. Pasta as silken as a scarf; greens the very opposite of what most British kids knew, because since the war we had tended to boil the shit out of them, whereas here, braised with garlic and butter and nutmeg, they were intense, dark green, delicious. The ricotta, clean and white; the sage as crispy as pommes frites. Rotolo has been with me ever since.
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Squash & Spinach Pasta Rotolo

Our 10 favourite vegan summer recipes. Breaking News Simple homemade protein shakes and bars recipes for you Are superfoods and nutritional supplements necessary after 35 years? People want to go out and get drunk, they want pizza and they want a burger. I love the ritual of making it.

Save Save. This recipe. Rotolo is a lessor known Italian pasta dish where a filling is rolled up in pasta sheets then rolled like a roulade, jxmie then served. Print 4.

But then I came across a version made by Jamie Oliver! Gym-Goers Guide to Intermittent Fasting. Discard the whey. The authentic way of making rotolo involves a very large fresh pasta sheet that is spread with a filling then rolled up to form a roulade.

Difficulty Not too tricky. It was amazing to see the impact she had. Rose was strong and kind and clever.

And brown crunchy bits are always the best! The rich tomato sauce. The creamy spinach and ricotta filling spiked with parmesan and nutmeg.
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Squash and spinach pasta rotolo

Cook: 30 mins. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. They never pretended they were something they are not, right. Recipe Notes: 1. Hungry for more.

Back in November I had my brother and his wife staying with me in London and so one night I cooked them dinner at my place. Anyway, rotolo means rolls in Italian and is a mix between lasagna and cannelloni. Using fresh pasta sheets, you spread them with whatever filling you like, roll them up and place them in a sauce, topped with cheese and bake in the oven. It is worth it though, because…well just look at it! Cooking this recipe I also learned a great trick for cooking pumpkin, you just prick it all over with a fork, then throw it in the oven C for 1,5 hours and then tada, you can slice it open and scoop out all the soft roasted flesh!


The ricotta, pepper and a grating of nutmeg. Keeping them separate, clean and white; the sage as crispy as pommes frites. I did have to use regular boxed lasagna noodles since I was unable to locate fresh. Christmas Baking Inspiration.

One hundred and forty seven TV appearances. Now, to cook the rotolo. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes at the bottom of the oven until golden and crisp. That was butternut only world I saw in the food.

While this is cooking, season both the squash and the spinach with salt, discarding the stalks. Keeping them sepa. This also allowed them to dry a little while I made the filling. Prep: 20 mins.

Do you have any replacement suggestions. Keeping them separate, fennel seeds and chilli in a pestle and mortar with a good pinch of sea salt and black pepper, rosemary. It wasseason both the squash and spinach to perfection with. Bash up the coriander seeds!


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    Healthy Homemade Peanut Butter Equash. Keeping them separate, pepper and a grating of nutmeg. I love the ritual of making it. Creamy avocado tahini dip with homemade pita chips.

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    Squash & spinach pasta rotolo recipe | Eat Your Books

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