Summary of the novel weep not child

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summary of the novel weep not child

Weep Not, Child by Ngugi wa Thiong'o: | Books

The novel follows Njoroge through his childhood. He has two wives, Njeri and Nyokabi, of whom Njeri is the first wife and elder one. Boro, Kori and Kamau are born of the first wife, while Mwangi and Njoroge are born of the second. Boro was a soldier in the Second World War and is a disillusioned individual. Kori works at the Green Hotel and Kamau is an apprentice to Nganga, the carpenter. However, there is a close affinity between the brothers and towards their mother. It was a habit observed and accepted by all.
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Weep Not, Child Summary & Study Guide

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Weep Not, Child

Howlands is reluctant to harm Ngotho because he remembers how much his old employee loved the land. Worse, Ngotho has confessed to the crime, Boro killed Jacobo; he believed that it was the only way to avenge his brother's death in the war. In fact. All wepe you believe that without study tour a student cant get full knowledge of their country.

Kori works at the Green Hotel and Kamau is an apprentice to Nganga, the carpenter. Tell us. Up till now he has passively waited for Mr. Elements of this were heartbreaking and seemed inevitable.

Njoroge lives with his family in central Kenya. When he is a young boy, his mother, Nyokabi , tells him he will be the first person in the family to attend school. Overwhelmed with happiness, Nyokabi runs to Kamau and tells him the good news, reveling in the idea that he will receive an education. Upon hearing that Njoroge will be going to school, Kamau congratulates his younger brother, and the two boys compare their futures, discussing the fact that both an education and a carpentry apprenticeship which is what Kamau is pursuing will benefit their family. Shortly thereafter, Njoroge gathers with his family in the evening and listens to his father tells stories about the past.

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Weep Not, Child , the first novel published in English by a black writer from East Africa, launched the career of the most famous of Kenyan novelists. After independence in Ngugi emerged as an influential writer and intellectual. Serving as chairman of the English Department at the University of Nairobi in the late s, he successfully agitated for a curriculum focused on African literature. In the late s the author who had led Kenyans in writing in English returned to his native tongue. This highly political drama caused the government to jail Ngugi without trial for over a year. This experience did not intimidate him; since his release, he has continued to write, in Gikuyu and in English, and to comment on the politics of Kenya and the world.


I liked the developing love story between Njoroge and Mwihaki, Njoroge flourishes, although, unorganiz. Forgetting the bloodshed required to conquer Kenya in the late nineteenth cen. At high school. The narration and the tone of the book matured along with the character.

Jacobo accuses Ngotho of being the leader of the Mau Mau and tries to imprison the whole family. The fact that Njoroge does not go through with the act could either point to a hope that he will go on to serve as a savior to his people or a scathing critique that the newer generation is not as courageous and masculine as its father's. This is the great Ngugi's first novel, published over 50 years ago. To ask other readers questions about Weep Not, please sign up.


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    Kristen has been writing for over 30 years. She graduated from UCF with a B. At this time, his native country Kenya was just breaking out from being under British rule, as it had been since the late 19 th Century. Weep Not, Child follows the pursuit of Njoroge to obtain an education so that he can provide a better life for his family, and attempts to be a good Christian. 😸

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