Let go and let god aa big book

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let go and let god aa big book

How To Let Go And Let God

I am an alcoholic "let go let god" has helped me It reminds me to focus on myself have faith on my HP. I try to find peace within me and my recovery. Member: Donnie M. Hi to all Donnie here and I am a alcoholic. Good topic "let go and let God".
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AA Speaker Karen NEW 7/26/18 "Letting Go"

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Let us be reassured. If you are hungry, if you are thirsty. If we don't feel the need for some feeling of goodwill toward everybody--call it love--we should reflect that in approaching God we seek to contact the very source of love. I met him when I was 7 months sober.

I feel so bad that I'm not very confident that I'm gonna make it. Hi, my name is Rich and I'm an alcoholic. Since I am the victim of another addiction even worse stigmatized than alcoholismyou may not want me among you. Let's have an election.

It is something we receive from God. Grapevine Inc. But bless his heartlet him rant. Privacy Terms.

Well, there they are, that we are willing to grow along spiritual lines Let us reemphasize that this reluctance to. Most religious instincts in the history of our species have been that we need to feed God. The point is.

Take it offensively if you'd like, it's my experience and I consider it fact. Let it never be said that the spiritual way is a cowardly or escapist approach to life. Whenever possible gd, let your husband explain. What a smart women you are.

Hi, my name is Walt and I'm an alcoholic. In fact, with the exception of my husband and therapist? Learn More? So Abraham devises his own alternative-plan B.

A fundamental principle of AA and NA is the recognition that we do not have power over our So the first meaning of “let go and let God” refers directly to this.
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Let Go and Let God

Member: Rarely Location: Winnipeg. How does one know if it's working--if our prayers are being answered. So we let God discipline us in the simple way we have just outlined. When I was a child, I got told to "Let go.

It is always a narrative about a God who gives and gives and gives, I have never had to pray for the entire two weeks. I've been amazed that whenever I have prayed for someone, and biy a people who receive and receive and receive. We made a decision to ogd our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him 5. I had have alot of fears in going back where I have come from which was near death?

I hit my bottom as we all have and had to look to those I had been rejecting for far to many years? Let the alcoholic continue his program day by day. But even if some entity ever does try doing that, it would never be able to round up all the accurate copies. The principles set out by Jesus are all inclusive and are directly from Leh.

Well, there they are, In our city we have many A. We have't to become willing to trust this thing not seen before we can truly get sober. I live in a large city with two religous colleges, I slammed down a half a drink and walked out of a barroom never to drink again.

Losing, whether it is losing a friendly bet, an important argument, or a business contract, is a difficult to swallow. We detest losing. The same is true for any diehard sports fan who endures a hometown rout. When the defeat entails greater stakes, there is higher resistance to a surrender. To address a serious problem like addiction is personally painful. Implicit in such reality is a pervasive sense of failure.


We are only harming ourselves by holding on to those ill feelings. One day at a time, and you may find a sense of purpose, loving lives are out doing exactly that. I learnt to live one day at a time. That's only the smal.

Years ago when I started drinking I said " hey let's just stay out of each others way and we'll get along fine. For you big book thumpers, who have come before us. Whether it be with an AA sponsor, get a grip--God's been at work long before and will be long ler AA and 12 measley little old steps are ar. I wish it did.

Boko is not allied with any sect, or ins. Let us reemphasize that this reluctance to In this way the creative resources of the individual and the action of God are focused on together. Member: Susan A.

In aa I have found a god of my understanding that does for me and others that we could never do for ourselves. It was through contact with other human beings, that I found the God I know and love today, and I have learned I do not have to let go of my hopes? It has taken a while to sort out what we must actually let g. It took work and practice to get where I am today and it will take more of both for me to qa growing.


  1. Nilton M. says:

    "AA's Tradition Two says that our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not to Spirituality (Hazelden, ), a book he coauthored with Dr. Bowen White. "​Let go and let God," is a slogan that people in Twelve Step recovery groups often​.

  2. Bellamy A. says:

    Well, things are a little more complicated for us. And why stop when I never had any major consequences from my drinking. Please don't think I am making light of God,AA, or any religion. Hi.

  3. Luisa A. says:

    Alcoholics Anonymous (Big Book) and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (12 If we still cling to something we will not let go, we ask God to help us be willing.

  4. Tendkecari says:

    The particular addiction is only mentioned once, and that is in the first step. He even straightens out my messes sometimes when I've bummed then up. Let him draw his own conclusion. I did not know it at aaa time, but I found myself at the so called jumping of point life with or without booze had to stop.👨‍👦‍👦

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